.:My QTH in France @ IN77UT:.

Equippement Shack1 Actual antenna config

This is my QTH in France where I spend like all my holidays.
I had many variations of my installations which still change from a stay to another because I'have
to unmount likely all antenna installations each time I travel back to Germany ( except the antennas on the house roof).
This is necessary due to heavy winds in winter period.

It is a very good QTH because of his proximity to the Atlantic Ocean (~1km) and the fact that there are not many
stations around. Ground conductivity is very goot at eastern because of high groundwater level.
During the summer and some winter periods it occurs very often that you can hit the repeaters on
the coast of southern France ,northern Spain or the south of the UK with a Handheld VHF or UHF radio - sometimes even
during several days and with milliwatts!.

Good indicators for VHF/UHF propagation are :
On the FM Dial :
- If you hear spanish local FM stations above 107.3 on FM Dial , 88,3 M80-Radio from Asturias (Spain)
and 90.9 40 Principales from Santander ( Cantabria/Spain)
- If you have mirror images on analogue channels of M6 and France 5 /Arte


The actual equipment I' use there are:
- Kenwood TS-480 HF/6m
- Icom IC-271 2m Allmode connected to the 5el. VHF Yagi on the roof
- Yaesu FT-897D which travels all time with me and is used for 70cm operations.
- Yaesu FT-1802 for local VHF traffic connected to X-30 on the roof
- President Emperor Shogun for my garage 10m station
- Hora 70cm Handheld for UHF FM Traffic (ADRASEC transponders and Spanish UHF repeaters)
connected to the X-30

My Antennas are:


  • 5/8L Sirio Groundplane;10m
  • 4 el. Beam; 10m (not mounted because verticals had better performance here)
  • L/2 CB Antenna for 10m
  • L/2 CB Antenna modified for 17/20m Band - my experimental Antenna
  • W3DZZ for HF traffic


  • Diamond X-30 for VHF/UHF on the top of the house for local FM traffic
  • Ringo Ranger Colinear for VHF - not mounted all time - on the Garage for APRS propagation beacon tests
  • 5 el. home-made Yagi after DK7ZB design on the roof
  • 11el Yagi for VHF - not mounted all time
  • 2x 11el (DF1JM) Yagis for UHF ( actually only temporary mounted and only one till I get the necessary for stacking)
  • 5/8L Selfmade GP for 6m band
  • some wire antennas I mount and dismount if needed


My Shack "N°1":

On the left side:

On the right side

My tuner is remote controlled (RC-CAR remote) to switch HF Antennas


5EL VHF Yagi

My Diamond X-30 for local QSO's and FM QSO's with Spain

view from the rear of the house - under the x-30 a UHF panel antenna for spanish tropo TV receptions

The 5/8L for 6m

I also have my W3DZZ but its very difficult to take a picture of it which shows the entire antenna :-)
I took a pic of the feedpoint up in the trees:

one side of the w3dzz:

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