.:My QTH in Germany:.

December 2009
For christmas vacations and for remote testing I got up some wire antennas.
My W8010 but only with the 15/40/80 part and with an added 17m part
A Kelemen 10/15/20 borrowed for 2 month from University clubstation.

Temporary Shack:

Dipole disposition looks confusing but is ok as it is :-)

This is how my QTH looked like before I began studying far away from home.
On the left in the Tree a 10m/11M 1/2L Vertical from Sirtel.
On the Tower made of a wooden current pole and a Steel Arm construction I got from
a Ham friend you can see a FB-33 Beam and a 11 Element VHF Yagi.
Next to it, over the Sat Dish you can see the Ringo 2m Vertical now used in France.

My tower-head with the 2m Yagi - Shortwave beam already removed.

After my mom said:" You are not using your Ham antennas anymore; you live ovemore than 200km away please do me the favour and remove them", I removed the 2m VHF Yagi and only the FM Radio antenna stayed.
The tower was finally removed in 2007. The beams will be sold to pay a GAP Titan DX
for my french QTH where I have more time to do radio an the VHF Yagi will move to
France too. The only antenna staying in place at this QTH will be the little 2m VHF Dipole
to talk locally to the club friends. ( picture see some pics below)

Second one of my 2 Shortwave Beams: During disassembly I marked the elements with a non-waterproof pen and
it rained. So now no idea how to mount it properly like i even don't know how the beam's called- bought it 2nd hand.

My actual antenna is a little self made Dipole for 2m band.
I'm not very much at my parents home it's the only thing i need there.

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