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Update 15.06.2010
- Best Hamradio custom Birthday present ever !!! TNX Ben !!

Update 14.06.2010

- New Transceiver for all mode operation - Yaesu FT-897D
bought 2nd Hand with broken Display ( repaired) for a very very good price.

- Modifications made at JO31nc QTH near Leverkusen
=> Diamond trap dipole down - 17m homemmade Dipole up and running
- soon QRV 2m, 6m and maybe 70cm from there ( Oct 2010)

Some impressions of my french QTH ( March 2010)

- added some new pics of "F" QTH
- added 6m 5/8L project page
- build a new 17m wire dipole
- APRS beacon for propagation analysis now on-air and working
=> Config: Bosch KF-161 with GPS and Ringo 2m antenna on my garage

Update 17.01.2010
- New QSL-Cards ordered via GlobalQSL
after Quality check these cards will go out:

Update 22.12.2009
- Many things happend:
* Some new pictures of my german "parents QTH" with temp. installed dipoles.

* got my remote Display setup for my TS-480 working :-)

* finally implemented DRM 12KHz out to my IC-706 => DRM page

* DL0UDS University Clubstation ready for next 2m Sporadic season :-)

We were working till midnight :-)

Sports on a 17el :-) ^^

Never touch an antenna which transmits HI :-)

-Can your antenna handle all those birds??
Saw it from my QTH

Update 17.11.2009
- New callsign !!

DG2KFS became DF3FX
so there is a bunch of work to do on administration side, webpages etc. to update all with new callsign.

Update 07.11.2009
- 2 new Transceivers completing my station:
- a TS-480 - long time waiting for it but finally got one
- a Icom IC-271 for 2m Dx

- Got the manufacturers name, Ultron, of my 11el VHF Yagi

Update 19.9.2009
- 5el DK7ZB VHF Yagi finally mounted @ french QTH since beginning of september
The weekend after mounting the antenna the VHF contest was perfect to test it out
I'm very happy that all my calculations - rotation angle etc matched perfectly reality

(more pictures under "QTH-France" and here )

- W3DZZ mounted 1,5m higher at one end and center - out of the trees => gained a lot !
- getting new ideas for a HF Vertical.
- modified the 9el Tonna by adding a real boomconnector and moving mounting
bracket more towards the rear to get better equilibration.

- compared my 9el Tonna with my old 11el Yagi - 11el is a bit better but not much

- picture of my 4el 10m Yagi
- some new pics of my french QTH

Update 23.06.2009

As I had to buy a new Notebook at April my dream of a TS-480Sat will not become true
this summer. Perhaps for christmas or next year :-(

Preparations for my summer stay @ french QTH:

- All material for a 9el UHF and a 5el. VHF Antenna arrived - 9el halfly build ;-)
- Koax, connector etc - ordered
- Highpassfilters for the neighbours - to order at Auth Nachrichtentechnik
- Some Stuff from Dx-Wire to hide SW-antennas and build some new stuff :-) - to order

German QTH News 04.05.2009:
-Telo 25el UHF Yagi working @ DL0UDS, Saarland University Clubstation.
After some improper fixing with Hotglue the Tests made last week had excellent
results. SWR is 1:1 and the Yagi gives fine results.

- 6m Antenna build from a TV antenna still needs some minor adjustments

French QTH news:

- Antennas still working well. I found a suitable configuration for my antennas which
I 'll stay with for next years. My W3DZZ for 40m /80m , A 5/8L for 10m , and a selfmade
1/4L for 20m (with tuner for the rest of higher bands).
The 20m vertical still needs some mechanical improvement.
The W3DZZ needs to be put a bit higher and adjusted.
Beside I'll keep my Diamond Balun with experimental dipole antennas :-) -actual config for 17m

- Finally I found a filter working for my TVI problems at my french QTH.
As most neighbours have poor wideband preamplifiers in their TV install they have TVI.
A HP-Filter (UHF) from Auth Nachrichtentechnik works well an eleminates TVI .-)
Thanks to those filters I will have no problems building up my VHF Yagi up on the roof
near to my neigbour(s) TV Antenna (4m distance) on my TV antenna mast.
I plan to use a selfmade 5el Yagi from DK7ZB mouted with a simple rotaor on the side of
mast. As a result the antenna will not be able to turn 360° but it doesn't matter because
there is no possible contact between 225° & 315° ( wide Atlantic ocean ;-) ) .
Another advantage will be the short coax (~10m) so losses would be minimized.
The overall advantage would be that I will not need any tower in the garden :-)

Here two pictures of what I'm planning

Blue Zone : No possible contacts
Red Zone and Red line : Straight torwards neighbours TV antenna

Update 04.03.2009
- added some pics of my setups
  - L/2 antenna
  - Mercedes pictures

Update 04.02.2009
Jabra A-210 Headset Adapter project.

Update 05.01.2008
My father got a new PNA Navigation system so I could "borrow" the GPS unit from his old PDA.
Its a Royaltek RGM 2000.
I put the circuit of the PDA cable together with TT SMT inside an old
GPS housing. All just fits great and works.

The Royaltek has TTL-Level output but there is an RS232 converter
inside the PDA cable, I soldered the pins from TT SMT to.


Update 10.12.2008
I visited South Africa from the 1st to the 15th of November and of
course i tooked a radio with me. As my VX-2 is still out of order I took
my VX-170. At the airports I passed without any problems but I had
all necessary papers prepared ( Radio's bill, OK from the flight
company , my License, documents from the DARC etc.. )

Unfortunatly down at Johannesburg area there was not many traffic
at the hours I listend to the 2m Frequencys so
no local QSO'S for ZS6/DG2KFS :-( .
Thanks to the Pretoria repeater I could contact home via Echolink.
The first time I really used Echolink. My friend DC0AB was also very happy getting all the news from the other side of the globe.
During my visits I made some pictures of transmission sites which
you can see at my FM DX'ing page.

Update 10.10.2008
- Pictures of my Diamond GSV-3000 opened.

Update 06.09.2008
- 11 el. 2m Yagi rebuild and ready to work

Update 10.07.08

- Authorisation for 6m Band Operation arrived from german BNetzA :-)
- 6m Band antenna tested and approved
- Order with some meters of coax arrived for my holiday experiments

Update 30.06.08
- New 2 Element 6m Antenna - modified Hirschmann Band I  TV Antenna - Or let's call it " 6m for ultra low budget -antenna".

Update 19.06.2008
- possible Restauration of my old Telo 25el UHF Yagi marked "7002"

Update 08.06.2008
- Pictures of my 2 new antenna projects for satellite operations
  - The CJU Antenna by EA4CYQ
  - My selfmade Arrow based on DK7ZB's ultrlight yagis

Update 25.05.2008

- New Hamradio mascott is born.

Update 21.05.2008

Tonight a friend of mine, Andreas DO2AND and myself succeeded in
doing our first 3 QSO's over AO-51 Satellite with the following equipment while being on the roof of our club station DL0UDS:
- Yaesu VX-170 for Uplink
- Hora C-455 for the Downlink
- Maspro WH59-N Dualband Antenna (from Andreas)
- A Duplexer

Successful contacts were established with:
- EB3SA    - JN11AR
- MM/ PA1IVO   - IO87
We listened a bit and then decided to establish a QSO and to our very big surprise
we made those 3 contacts with our rudimentary equipment.
Andreas kept the antenna orientated towards satellite while I was talking.

10 Years ago I made some QSO's on RS10 /11 satellites. Having the chance to experience satellite traffic again after all these years was
fantastic and we'll soon be back on AO-51 ;-)

Update 11.05.2008
- Opened my VX-2E for repair and made some pictures
U nfortunately my "poor reception"- problem couldn't be solved :-(

Update 09.05.2008

- Added better pictures of Alinco DM 330 WE
- Added better pictures of RFC 2-23 Amplifier
- Added my new homebrew Window-clip-antenna mount project
- Added a new picture to the VX-170 page ( TRX w/ ext Mic)

Here is a picture of my antenna at my student location
unfortunately not a great location but it's better than nothing.
It's a 2m magnetic mount mobile antenna which permits QSO's
on the local repeater

Update 07.05.2008

- Updated a lot of pictures I forgot to add:
* french QTH pictures updated
* added pics and description of my RFC- 2-23 VHF Amplifier
* minor updates

=> Some pictures of my May VHF/UHF Contest station.
I participated 2 hours from my YL's home to give away some points and
have fun doing some 2m traffic.
The station was composed of my IC-706 and a homemade HB9CV
which didn't perform very well also due to poor QTH in a valley at JN39MH.

here are some pictures you can click on:

Update 01.05.2008
- Ever asekd yourself what to do with useless antennas?
I found a YL-approved solution

I fixed my useless TV Log-per Antenna over the couch
in my living room.

Update 23.04.2008
- Added pictures from Valsberg Repeater F5ZMU I took while
travelling in the Vosges.

Update 15.01.2008
- Added a new section with old photos of both QTH's
- Got my Alinco DM-330 MWE - more pictures and a little more detailed
testreport will be available later.
- Update of the photos of the Volkswagen Multivan
- Got a "fishing rod" of ~6,2m to play with.

Update 04.10.2007
- Put up my W3DZZ - and I'm very satisfied with it.

Update 02.10.2007
My rotator control via RC -Car remote is working - click for more-

Update 27.09.2007
- Work on french QTH is going on.
The X-30 (VHF/UHF) is finally on the roof of the house.
My 9El Tonna and HB9CV for 6m are up and running (after 2 crashes)
but the tower is too low:(
here are some pic's to show my actual antenna configuration.

Update 04.08.2007
- Added a photo page of the Diamond MX-610 Duplexer
- Added pics of my Shack at french QTH.
- Added some pics of Emperor Shogun

Update 27.07.2007
- Finally got all parts together so I can begin rebuilding my station at
my french QTH next week.

Update 22.06.2007
-Added some lost pictures of my IC-706

Update 16.06.2007
- Added pictures of my recently bought Ham radio stuff and added
new pics for President James and Diamond W-8010 dipole.

- I was asked why my pictures of the recently bought stuff were so big. The answer is simple. When you have to make a choice of buying something that you cannot try out at a shop or see it in real. It's always a big help to have some "high res." pics of it rather than all those thumbnails found by google images ;)

Site with pictures of my Diamond SWR SX-400N

Site with pictures of my LDG 200pro Automatic tuner

Update 04.06.2007
- Added pictures of my recently bought Diamond W-8010 Trap Dipole

- Added pictures of my new Tower I got for my french QTH

- Mounted a Sirio 66-88 Antenna instead of the regular FM car radio antenna
which oxidates too much - gain difference between original defective antenna
and the new one were like 4db!

Update 18.05.2007

- Added pictures of my Diamond HB9CV for the "Magic Band" .
- Added HRD status showing actual freq. mode etc. of my TRX when on( above)
- Added picture of Icom CI-V Cable I build from a GSM Data cable
- Added picture of my L/2 Citizen Band to Ham Project.
- Added picture of my W3DZZ

Update 30.04.2007
-Added some car pics on mobile section.

Update 14.04.2007
- Added QSL Card gallery of QSL cards I send out.

Update 20.02.2007
- Updated some pics of IC-706 , FT-1802 and VX-170.

Update 15.02.2007
- Got my exchange VX-170 :) - but modulation is still too low :(
- Added: Page about the VX-170

Update 08.02.2007
- Went to a local Shop here to buy me a Yaesu VX-170
When I came home from the shop I saw that the upper side of the radios case was
totally torn. Damn it Yaesu I thought it was intent to be
a "ultra rugged device" !!! - I'm very disappointed. Also because I go to long
holidays next week and it was the last device the shop had in stock.
So I hope the guys from Yaesu will deliver them a new one rapidly so I could
exchange it before holidays.
Here's a little picture taken with my mobile phone from the VX-170

Update 28.11.2006
- Yaesu FT-1802 added

Update 15.06.2006
- Added new pictures to different sections (James / IC-706 / FT-7800 etc.)

Update 24.04.2006
- Added Gallery section with pictures from all kind of Ham radio related stuff like
repeaters, BBS ... .

Update 12.02.2006
- added some new pictures
- finished Interfaces & Soft
- quiet finished FT-7800

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