Name: Félix Symann
licensed since October 1995

/!\Attention I changed my german callsign from DG2KFS to DF3FX !! /!\ (Nov2k9)

What I like about Ham Radio is the homemade aspect and having nice
contacts all around the world . I like building antennas
and trying them out. My favourite Bands are the higher ones (17m and up , especially 10m/6m&2m).
I also like to do FM Broadcast DX'ing.
Callsign QTH Locator
DF3FX Leverkusen, Germany (Family QTH) JO31MC
DF3FX Saarbrücken, Germany (Work/Studys) JN39MF
F1VEO near Le Guilvinec, France (2nd QTH) IN77UT

QSL Cards for
F1VEO please via bureau & => DF3FX as QSL-Manager. TNX

You can check logbooks for DF3FX and F1VEO here on my page

Me at my station in France:

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