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That happens when University-courses are too boring *g*
Some ideas about an adjustable vertical antenna.
(Annotations on the picture are in french)
Rotator Control via RC-Car remote - If you have long distances and no money this could also be a solution for you !
Use an old L/2 CB Antenna for Shortwave.
  Conrad Rotator control with R/C remote
- Up & running but need some better pics -
Window clip-on antenna for VHF/UHF handheld antennas
VX-2E opened for repair ( pictures )
The CJU - Sat-Antenna by EA4CYQ
My selfmade Arrow-like antenna for Satellites
Rebuilding my old TELO 25 Element UHF Yagi
 Converted Band I TV Antenna for 6m Band
 Jabra A-210 Bluetooth Headset adapter
5 element VHF Yagi for my french QTH
9el UHF Yagi after DK7ZB design
Compairing my 9 element Tonna and my 11el Yagi
DRM-Radio reception with Icom IC-706

Remoteing Kenwood TS-480 Frontpanel

5/8L GP for 6m - build out of an old CB antenna
Homemade dipole antennas ( all of mine inside)

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