.:: Kenwood TS-480 SAT::.

I finally got money together to buy me a better HF Rig.
I choose the TS-480 because of its good receiver in his class and because of the easy
remote capabilitys. There are plans on the net to even remote the Display so the
feeling of radio is kept :-) Thats what i will do :-)

Here are some first pictures of unpacking:
To my big surprise the TS-480 Sat came with a bunch of accessories in the european version.

Beside Display and "blacklbox" you get:

- transport / mounting frame to join Display & Blackbox
- One mobile Display mount
- One Shack Display mount
- 2 adaptors to mount the Display to cage, mobile mount or shack mount
- 2 ferrites, one for Power cord and the other for the display extension
- 2 Display cables , a short for the cage and a long one
- Mic with long cord
- mobile mounting brackets
- 2x Mini DIN connector
- a bunch of screws and some fuses.
- a bunch of manuals in diferent languages
- a carrying strap

Well have a look at the pictures an you will see ;-)

First use at my parents home:

The whole bunch of acessories coming with the TS-480 Sat (European model!)

The main unit in the transport frame:

Antenna connectors:

The Display from all angles

closer look to the rear:

The connectors on the main unit:

The mic with his extra long cable:


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