.::Antennas & equipment like SWR , Tuners etc... ::.

Here you can see some pics of the stuff I recently bought and made pictures of.

bought Antennas
Diamond 6m (50MHz) HB9CV
Diamond W-8010 Multiband Trap Dipole
My new tower for my french QTH
My Ultron 11el 2m Yagi - rebuilt and now working
My 4 EL 10m Yagi

Diamond SX-400N, VHF/UHF SWR Meter
LDG 200pro Automatic Antenna Tuner
Kenpro KR 400 Rotator
(modded for R/C control)
Alinco DW-330 MWE Power Supply
 RF Concepts RFC 2-23 VHF Power Amplifier
Diamond GSV-3000 (1996) Power Supply
Frequency Counter (no page)
no picture PC Interfaces & co.

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